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There are hundreds of books available on all aspects of addiction, recovery and the related areas of codependency and enabling. As a result, it is very difficult for those struggling with addiction, and their family members, to select books that provide practical, useful information.

This website was developed to offer the addiction recovery community one book, in each subject area, that we believe is outstanding. The selections are based on personal experience with our own recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, and from our work with other addicts and their family members and friends.

By design, the book selections do not include Alcoholics Anonymous ("The Big Book") or any materials that are the principle reference books of a specific recovery program. The focus of our efforts is to present the best information from other sources. All of the royalties from the sale of the books go directly to the authors.

For personal and professional reasons we have chosen to remain anonymous. You can forward questions or comments to us through the Contact section of the website.

We hope that the book selections on the website are beneficial to you.

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