Brain Impact of Substance Abuse
Best Recovery Books
The Addicted Brain - Michael Kuhar
In straightforward language, this book addresses what impact drugs, alcohol, and other substances have on the brain; along with the 12 characteristics of a successful treatment program.
Metabolism of Alcohol
Under the Influence - James Milam and Katherine Ketcham
This book examines how the body processes alcohol and provides an easy to understand explanation of the biochemistry involved in addiction.
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Willpower's Not Enough - Arnold Washton and Donna Boundy
Gives unique insight into the subject of why using willpower is not effective in attempting to overcome addiction; including the addicts pursuit of the "quick fix".
Personality Disorder
The Addictive Personality - Craig Nakken
Provides an understanding of the personality that underlies addiction including genetic and cultural influences, the progressive nature of the disease, and the recovery process.